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Learn About Microwave-Assisted Sample Preparation and Determination of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products.

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Stringent US Pharmacopeia guidelines are a reality, placing pressure on pharmaceutical lab professionals to evaluate and choose a microwave digestion system that best supports trace metals analysis using ICP and ICP-MS.

The Milestone ultraWAVE, uniquely equipped with powerful Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology, is the clear choice. With twice the throughput of traditional systems, the ultraWAVE digests up to 15 samples of any matrix simultaneously, offering labs new levels of user convenience and cost-efficiency. The ultraWAVE delivers superior sample quality, too, ideal for USP-mandated metals analysis.

When it comes to rotor-based microwave sample prep, nothing comes close to the Milestone ETHOS UP. With our high pressure rotor, stainless steel construction and patented vent-and-reseal technology, the ETHOS UP ensures market-leading safety and productivity for trace metals analysis in pharmaceutical laboratories.

User Profiles

Milestone’s UltraWAVE Allows Polymer Analysis Lab to Tackle Difficult Samples for Elemental Analysis

Milestone’s UltraWAVE Increases Productivity and Safety for Product Testing Lab.

Milestone’s UltraWAVE Increases Sample Prep Efficiency and Lowers Costs For Pharmaceutical Testing Lab.

Milestone’s UltraWAVE Removes All Sample Prep Challenges For Dietary Supplement Manufacturer.

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