Dear UltraWAVE User:

We have contacted you as our records indicate that your UltraWAVE unit is well overdue for maintenance.

Critical factors which after time may hinder the current performance of your instrument include the following:

• Your UltraWAVE is commonly subjected to pressures in excess of 2000 PSI on a regular basis.
• Your UltraWAVE is subjected to very high temperatures, normally in excess of 260C.
• The internal pressure system is exposed to very corrosive acids and gases.

In order to avoid costly repairs, unexpected failures, and ensure continued safe operation of your equipment, please complete this form to schedule, or contact Stacey DiGiovanni, our Contract Administrator, at -866-995-5100 x 344, or at

Thank you letting us ensure the continued successful and safe operation of your Milestone equipment.

Best regards,

Micheal Randi
Service Manager – Milestone
1-866-995-5100 x 361