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This Infopack will help you learn how the ETHOS X can enhance your production of high quality terpenes from Cannabis. You will learn more about the principle of operation and ease of use behind microwave extraction. In addition, proof of concept data and a user profile are provided for your reference.

Cannabis Terpene Microwave Extraction

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Maximizing your cannabis terpene profile. DOWNLOAD

User Profile: Medizin

Milestone’s ETHOS X provides cannabis processor quality and efficiency in terpene extraction.     DOWNLOAD

Solvent-Free Terpene Extraction

Understand solvent-free microwave extraction helps increase your productivity while providing the most complete terpene profile.    DOWNLOAD

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With over 50 patents and more than 20,000 instruments installed in laboratories around the world, Milestone has been widely recognized as the global leader in microwave technology for the past 30 years. Committed to providing safe, reliable and flexible platforms to enhance lab’s productivity, customers worldwide look to Milestone for their metals digestion, organic extractions, mercury analysis and clean chemistry processing needs. The Milestone team brings together a vision for the future of science, a passion for technology and knowledge of applications with the ultimate goal of helping chemists with research and quality control.