Milestone recognizes the challenges faced by pharmaceutical labs and strives to develop instruments that improve analytical data quality, while helping labs become more efficient and productive. Our products are built to the highest quality and safety specifications to give many years of excellent service and low lifetime operating costs. Our high reliability, fast responsive service, and great applications support ensures extremely high uptime and a great ownership experience.

If your laboratory is preparing for the USP <232>/<233> regulations click the button below to access our USP page for resources to help your lab get ready for compliance.

Educational Webcast

In 2018, the implementation of USP chapters <232>, <233>, and <2232> marked a significant milestone in elemental analysis for labs analyzing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical materials. Over the years, positive outcomes have been observed, but the journey has also uncovered bottlenecks hindering labs from reaching their full potential in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and productivity.

This webcast will present a more efficient approach to address digestion challenges, covering aspects such as running mixed samples, avoiding sample reprocessing, and ensuring interference-free solutions for analysis. Additionally, it will delve into how the Total Sample Prep Workflow approach tackles obstacles on the path from sample to analysis. Topics include reducing operator time, automating reagent addition, optimizing the cleaning step, and more. REGISTER HERE


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