Superior Live Terpene Extraction

ETHOS XL Microwave Terpene Extraction

  • Superior quality

    Selectively extracts live terpenes to ensure your products maintain the natural flavor of the flower. Read our flyer

  • High productivity

    Designed to process high volumes of cannabis and hemp. See the infographic.

  • True-to-flower taste

    The microwave terpene extraction process captures natural, pure terpenes that match the plant strain. Read our Technology report


Maximize Your Cannabis Terpene Profile

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ETHOS XL is designed to provide high-volume cannabis and hemp processors the highest terpene extraction throughput and terpene quality available with microwave extraction. The technology selectively extracts live terpenes, helping to ensure your products maintain the natural flavor of the flower.

Read the flyer.

The ETHOS X family takes advantage of the unique microwave-selective heating mechanism. The internal heating of water within the sample distends its cells and leads to rupturing of the glands and oleiferous receptacles. This process frees the terpenes, which are then evaporated with the in-situ water of the botanical.

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Maximizing your cannabis terpene Profile. DOWNLOAD

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Milestone’s ETHOS XL provides cannabis processors quality and efficiency in terpene extraction.

Tech Report: Improved Live Terpene Extraction

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