Experience True Flavor with Live Terpenes

  • Natural, full-flavor profiles

    Enhance the experience for consumers with strain-specific terpenes.

  • High-yield terpene extractions

    Microwave extraction maximizes the yield of live terpenes.

  • Solvent-free extractions

    Microwave extraction avoids purification steps and use of organic solvents.

  • Increased profit potential

    Boost the value of your products with live terpenes

  • Easy to implement

    Designed to fit easily into the workflow of any cannabis processor

Maximizing flavor of your premium products

See why Planet 13, the world’s largest dispensary, utilizes the ETHOS X family of products for their cannabis vape cartridges..

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Cannabis-derived terpenes are valuable compounds that provide  strain-specific variations of scent and taste for final products. Traditional technologies for terpene extraction, such as supercritical CO2, butane, and hydrodistillation come with significant limitations.

Milestone’s ETHOS X 2.0 and ETHOS XL microwave extraction solutions enable you to efficiently extract live terpenes from fresh or fresh-frozen material,  or from cured flower.

ETHOS X 2.0 enables extraction of the true-to-plant terpene profile for any cannabis strain, giving your products the natural taste consumers desire. This terpene-extraction solution is designed for craft and medium-size facilities   who are looking to process 10-12 kg of material in an 8-hour shift.

ETHOS XL has been built to provide high-volume cannabis and hemp processors  maximized  terpene extraction throughput (up to 40 kg in 8 hours) and  quality. Microwave terpene extraction selectively extracts live terpenes, helping to ensure your products maintain the natural flavor of the flower.

A greener approach to extraction.

The ETHOS X family utilizes a “green” approach to extraction that eliminates the need for organic solvents.  Other extraction techniques use large volumes of potentially harmful and flammable solvents that require intense purification processes, that can negatively impact taste. Milestone’s patented extraction technologies maintains the integrity of the terpene profile, providing superior freshness of flavor and eliminates clean-up processes.