Envelope pushed. Game changed.

synthWAVE Microwave Synthesis System

  • Easy scale up

    High microwave power density and powerful stirring allows the same conditions developed for small-scale reactions to be replicated.

  • Faster screening

    Multiple reactions are carried out simultaneously under exactly the same temperature and pressure conditions.

  • Easy sampling

    Easily and conveniently sample reaction products at any time during the experiment.

The game changer in microwave synthesis.

The Milestone synthWAVE is designed for safe, reliable and reproducible scale-up of microwave-enhanced chemical reactions.

While conventional microwave research enables researchers to make materials in minutes over days or even produce structures that were unattainable by conventional methods. Imagine being able to vary the solvent or catalyst or even modify how many different reactions can be run in a single reaction vessel.

Milestone has created a new concept in microwave instrumentation, the revolutionary synthWAVE. It matches the growing demand for scale up of chemical reactions from grams to the kilogram range. It handles single or multiple reactions at temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures to 199 bar. Small-scale synthesis methods are easily transferred to the synthWAVE. Incredibly easy to use, the synthWAVE allows the chemist to run large-scale batch and parallel reactions like never before.

Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Technology How It Works SRC operation is extremely simple and completely automated from start to finish. A simple reaction rack, similar to a rotary auto sampler rack, is loaded with one or several reactions weighed into glass vials. The vials are capped with loose fitting Teflon caps (to prevent condensation from the top of the SRC chamber dripping into the vials). The rack is fitted to the chamber top and mechanical stirrer, which is lowered automatically into the chamber. The reaction vials sit in a microwave absorbing liquid pool that provides a consistent “load” for the delivered microwave energy and temperature monitoring. This insures even heating and consistent conditions from run to run. The chamber clamp is secured automatically and the chamber pressurized with N2 (typical: 40 bar). This prevents boiling of solvents as the run starts and essentially acts as a “cover” over the reaction, eliminating any possibility of cross-over of reacting substrates or solvents.

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