Microwave Synthesis Systems

Milestone SynthWAVE Single Reaction Chamber Microwave Synthesis System
Milestone FlexiWAVE Flexible Microwave Synthesis System


Game changer in microwave synthesis

– Single Reaction Chamber technology
– High pressure capabilities
– Easy sampling

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Flexible microwave synthesis platform

– Reactions completed in just minutes
– Enhanced safety features
– Improved yields

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Game changer in microwave synthesis.

Microwave chemical synthesis has become a method of choice for chemists throughout so many industries. The benefits over the last 20 years make this a first choice for doing research. The technology allows synthesis to be done faster and cleaner with reduced solvent consumption as a “greener” process. Milestone’s synthesis product suite provides a number of options to meet research needs: high-throughput productivity, small-scale research, high-temperature and pressure parameters and larger-scale capabilities.