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ETHOS X Microwave Extraction System

  • 24 samples in < 1 hour

    New fastEX-24 rotor can simultaneously extract 24 samples in 40 minutes.

  • Substantial reduction in solvent

    Less solvent is needed than traditional extraction methods.

  • Large volume disposable vials

    100 mL vials can hold up to 30 g of sample.

Higher productivity for greater ROI


Your input guided our development of the Milestone ETHOS X with a new fastEX-24 rotor to specifically address the challenges of today’s environmental laboratories.

The Milestone ETHOS X microwave lab station in combination with our fastEX-24 rotor offers your lab simultaneous extraction of 24 samples in 40 minutes with minimal solvent usage. Our unique WeflonTM material provides homogeneous heating and facilitates accurate contact-less temperature monitoring of all vessels. Each vessel holds 100 mL disposable vials allowing you to extract 30 g samples while eliminating memory effects and clean up.

The benefit:
Higher throughput and easier handling results in both reduced cost and turnaround time for your lab.

The fastEX-24 rotor helps laboratory professionals increase throughput and lower operating costs.
  • 24 samples in less than 1 hour
  • Large disposable glass vials (100 mL)
  • Run up to 30 g of sample
  • Unique Weflon material provides homogenous heating
  • Contactless temperature control of all vessels
  • Easy-to-use capping tool

Industry Report

Optimizing the Soil Extraction Workflow for Semi-volatile Organics

This industry report demonstrates how addressing four key steps in the sample preparation workflow for extracting semi-volatile organic compounds from soils and sediments helps environmental laboratories address multiple regulatory and economic challenges.

Readers will explore:

  • Common challenges faced by environmental laboratories determining organic pollutants in solid waste samples 
  • The benefits of focusing on ‘total sample prep workflow’ for organic pollutant determinations 
  • The advantages of microwave extraction over other commonly used extraction techniques for semi-volatile compounds 
  • How automated solvent addition helps optimize organic extraction workflow 


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