Microwave Extraction Systems

ETHOS X for Environmental Extraction
ETHOS X 2.0 and XL for terpene and hemp extraction

Elthos X for Flavors and Fragrances extraction


Microwave Extraction System for Environmental Applications

- 24 samples in < 1 hour
- Substantial reduction in solvent
- Consistent reproducible results


Microwave Terpene Extraction for Cannabis and Hemp processors

- High-yield terpene extraction
- Natural, full-flavor profiles
- Increased profit potential

Natural Products

Microwave Terpene Extraction for Flavors, Fragrances and Essential Oils

- Two interchangeable configurations
- Solvent-free
- Superior extraction control

Designed by you. Developed for you.

Microwave-assisted extraction has  proven to be a great asset in many areas. Over the past several years Milestone further evolved this technology with dedicated solutions for analytical laboratories and processors of cannabis and other botanicals.

ETHOS X extracts organic pollutants from environmental matrices and streamlines lab workflow, allowing for rapid  sample analysis.

The ETHOS X line for extraction of terpenes or essential oils from Cannabis and botanicals, enables R&D and processors to obtain extracts with true, natural taste and maximum value.