Envelope Pushed. Game Changed.

Single Reaction Chamber (SRC)
Microwave Digestion

  • Ultra-high performance

    Complete digestion of the most difficult samples. Every sample under direct temperature and pressure control. Learn more

  • Increased throughput

    Delivers twice the throughput of traditional microwave digestion instruments.

  • No batching required

    Any type of acids, any combination of sample types digested simultaneously. Learn more

  • Lower operating costs

    No vessel assembly/disassembly required, no cleaning of vials necessary, method development virtually eliminated. Learn more

The Milestone ultraWAVE isn’t just an evolution; it’s a revolution—changing how industrial and research laboratories around the world prep samples for analysis. Patented ultraWAVE Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) microwave digestion technology transcends traditional closed and open vessel digestion, offering significantly greater digestion capabilities for even the most difficult sample types. High-performance stainless steel construction allows for higher pressures and temperatures, while disposable vessels eliminate the need to assemble, disassemble or clean between processing. Just as important, dissimilar samples can be processed simultaneously, saving time and money.

The bottom line? The ultraWAVE is changing the game for metals prep.

At the heart of the ultraWAVE is a Teflon-lined 1 liter stainless steel reaction chamber, which serves both as a microwave cavity and a reaction vessel.

Samples are weighed into vials, and suitable reagents are added. Vials are placed in a rack, which is automatically lowered into the reaction chamber. The chamber is sealed and pre-pressurized with inert gas, which physically acts as a cap for the vials, avoiding boiling of the solutions and preventing cross contamination. At the completion of the microwave run, a built-in cooling device rapidly lowers the temperature.

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Application Notes


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User Profiles

4Life user profile

ultraWAVE Removes All Sample Prep Challenges For Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

EuroFins user profile

ultraWAVE Increases Productivity and Safety for Product Testing Lab

CannaSafe user profile

ultraWAVE allows Cannabis Lab to Streamline
Heavy Metals Testing

University of Houston user profile

ultraWAVE Opens the Doors to New Research Frontiers in Analytical Geochemistry

Valisure user profile

ultraWAVE Ensures Drugs Are Safe For Customers For Pharmaceutical Testing Lab

Jordi Labs user profile

ultraWAVE Allows Polymer Analysis Lab to Tackle Difficult Samples for Elemental Analysis

Norwegian University user profile

Academic institution achieves complete digestion of difficult geological samples with the ultraWAVE and ultraCLAVE

Unilever user profile

Unilever counts on ultraWAVE to reach very low detection limits

ultraWAVE Industries

Cannabis Industry
Consumer Products IndustryMetals and Mining Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Specialty Chemicals Industry

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