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  • How is Milestone's technology helping food labs?

    See how other labs have implemented the Ethos UP and ultraWAVE to meet their lab's needs. View User Profiles.

  • Latest advance in rotor-based microwave digestion

    See how the MAXI-24 HP high-performance rotor was designed to process increased volumes of sample types and weights within a single rotor-based platform. Learn More.

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    Learn about current analytical methods and microwave sample prep techniques to enhance efficiency and accuracy for food labs such as yours. Click Here to Watch the Webinar.

  • Direct mercury analysis with no sample prep

    Discover how the DMA-80 evo delivers results for fish and other food matrices in only 5-6 minutes per sample . Read the full industry report.

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Learn about solutions to improve data quality at every stage of your trace metals analysis.

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Learn how Milestone's Clean Chemistry solutions can reduce your labware contamination using less labor and lower your high-purity acid costs, leading to clean blanks without the hassles and expense.

Whether you are testing food and related products for safety and contamination, verification of nutritional content and label confirmation, or to even combat food fraud, Milestone has a sample prep solution to fit your lab’s needs and help you meet analytical requirements.

When it comes to rotor-based microwave sample prep, nothing comes close to the Milestone ETHOS UP. Our unique MAXI-24 HP High Performance rotor delivers both high-throughput and high-performance in a single rotor, meeting the demands of food testing and related industry labs.

For laboratories with high throughput requirements or the need to digest high sample masses, the Milestone ultraWAVE, uniquely equipped with powerful Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology, is the ideal solution. With twice the throughput of traditional rotor-based systems, the ultraWAVE's mixed-batch capability allows different sample types to be processed simultaneously. Various rack options are also available to accommodate larger sample sizes to meet detection limit and accuracy requirements.

Traditional techniques for mercury analysis often pose challenges that can affect efficiency and productivity. Our Direct Mercury Analysis technology sets the standard for processing speed and precision. The Milestone DMA-80 evo provides superior ease-of-use for the determination of mercury regardless of sample matrix, eliminating sample prep and delivering results in 5-6 minutes.

User Profiles

Nutrilab ensures superior food safety thanks to the Milestone ETHOS UP. DOWNLOAD

A leading research body in preserved food sector relies on ultraWAVE to improve the digestion quality of large sample amounts. DOWNLOAD

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