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  • How is the ultraWAVE helping labs in the Energy Industry?

    See how other labs have implemented the ultraWAVE for use with difficult matrices such as crude oil and polymers, while ensuring quality analytical data. View User Profiles.

  • A revolution in microwave digestion technology

    Learn about the benefits that Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Technology provides over traditional rotor-based microwave digestion systems. Read Labnote.

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    Learn how the ultraWAVE overcomes the difficulties of processing petrochemical and geochemical matrices for multi-element analysis. Click Here to Watch the Webinar

  • Fast and accurate mercury analysis

    See how the DMA-80 evo can simplify your coal and petrochemical analysis by eliminating sample prep. View Reports

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Analysis for trace metals in the petrochemical and energy industry is done for a variety of reasons, such as testing for wear metals, corrosion prevention, preventing damage to catalysts and to even help reduce pollution. Samples from heavy crude oils to refined petroleum products require a digestion system capable of handling the temperatures needed for complete digestion and the subsequent pressures generated.

The Milestone ultraWAVE, uniquely equipped with powerful Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology, is the optimal digestion solution for the petrochemical industry. With higher temperature and pressure capability than traditional microwave systems, it can safely process all types of petrochemical samples, resulting in complete digestions with low residual carbon.

When it comes to rotor-based microwave sample prep, nothing comes close to the Milestone ETHOS UP.  With our high-pressure rotor, stainless steel construction and patented vent-and-reseal technology, the ETHOS UP ensures market-leading safety and productivity for trace metals analysis in petrochemical laboratories.

Traditional techniques for mercury analysis often pose challenges that can affect efficiency and productivity. Our Direct Mercury Analysis technology sets the standard for processing speed and precision. The Milestone DMA-80 evo provides superior ease-of-use for the determination of mercury regardless of sample matrix, eliminating sample prep and delivering results in 5-6 minutes.

User Profiles

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