More than 20,000 customers worldwide utilize Milestone’s products for microwave acid digestion and solvent extraction, synthesis and ashing, as well as acid purification systems and direct mercury analyzers for solid, liquid and gas samples. The Milestone team brings together a vision for the future of science, a passion for technology and knowledge of applications with the ultimate goal of helping chemists with research and quality control.

Milestone’s patented technology provides the operator with unsurpassed safety and performance capability through the highest temperature and pressure controls, highest safety, ease-of-use and fast cooling, bringing efficiency in an advanced instrumentation laboratory to a new level. Our consultative partnership approach and the trust of our customers have led to Milestone’s becoming an industry expert in a wide variety of applications, involving some of the most challenging matrices. Milestone’s mission is to enable laboratories worldwide with success, growth, and continuous innovation.

Milestone Technology and Innovation

Milestone is operates all over the world through a network of very reliable partners; the USA headquarters are located in Shelton, CT. The presence of Milestone in Japan is assured by Milestone General KK, near Tokyo, and in Korea by Milestone Korea, located in Seoul. All these branches have sales and technical assistance departments, as well as applications laboratories supporting our customers. In addition, Milestone instruments is carried by nearly 100 exclusive distributors, who always guarantee high standards of quality and assistance.

Our Lab

Setting up a new lab, whether a new build, new funding or a renovation is a challenging project. Milestone renewed its own to achieve the goal of creating a place to offer our customers and partners the complete availability of our product line and resources to show you the laboratory of the future.

We periodically organize interactive and educational activities showing the result of 30 years of experience in microwave sample preparation with the intent to reach chemists across the globe.

Our application specialists can help you find everything you need to start setting up your professional lab and start saving money today!

Our Products

Microwave Digestion Systems

Direct Mercury Analysis Systems

Clean Chemistry Systems

Microwave Extraction Systems

Microwave Synthesis Systems

Microwave Ashing Systems