The power of the analytical blank.

easyFILL Automated Dosing Station

  • Improved lab efficiency

    Automates tedious and time-consuming reagent and solvent addition, and sample dilution processes

  • Enhanced safety

    Avoids handling of concentrated acids and exposure to acid fumes and organic solvent vapors

  • Consistent results

    The dispensing accuracy ensures great reproducibility while the enclosed environment and automatic line rinsing avoid contamination

  • Flexibility

    Accommodates a wide range of vessel and rack types and handles up to six reagents at a time

Alleviating Bottlenecks in Sample Preparation

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Reagent addition into digestion vials or vessels is a tedious and often unpleasant step that, in high-throughput labs, requires a significant amount of time. easyFILL frees the operator from this task, with the additional benefits of reducing their exposure to concentrated acids and ensuring consistency of the process.

easyFILL Workflow

Less operator time, improved workflow, enhanced safety

The task of manually adding reagents occupies valuable time of the operator, limiting lab productivity and the ability of the chemist to accomplish other tasks. easyFILL automates these steps, reducing the operator time to just a few seconds.

easyFILL - Vessel or Vials Placement

Rack with vessels or vials are placed into the easyFILL

easyFILL - Method Selection
Select the Method and press ‘Run’
easyFILL - Vessels Ready for Use


Vessels are ready for the digestion process
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