Clean Chemistry Tools For Atomic Spectroscopy

Milestone duoPUR Quartz Sub-boiling Distillation System
Milestone easyFILL Automated Reagent Dosing System
Milestone traceCLEAN Acid Steam Cleaning System

Acid Purification

- Substantial ROI: 90% cost savings of ultra-pure acids
- Purify the quantity you need, when you need it
- Re-purify contaminated acids (no waste)

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Automated Reagent Dosing

- Handles tedious reagent dosing and sample dilution processes
- Reduces operator exposure to concentrated acids
- Eliminates sources of contamination and error

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Acid Steam Cleaning

- Fast, convenient, and fully automated instrument
- No operator exposure to acid vapors
- No cooling water or chiller required

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Learn more about the factors that impact the analytical blank, digestion techniques, and Milestone’s Clean Chemistry products designed to help you maximize your ICP-OES and ICP-MS data.

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“The analyst must ‘think blank’. He must be aware as to the effect on the blank of every step of the analytical procedure. He must ask himself “If I do this, what is the effect on the blank?” - T. Murphy, The role of analytical blank in accurate trace analysis

Over the last few decades, developments in instrumental analysis have continuously evolved, and determination of trace elements in analytical laboratories become routine. Inductively coupled plasmas with argon gas are successfully applied for measurement of emission lines (ICP-OES) and isotopes (ICP-MS) for most elements on the periodic table. However, a laboratory must have full control of analytical blanks and sample preparation for obtaining accurate results. With detection limits reaching the ppb and ppt level, this has become even more critical.

There are many factors which may adversely affect the quality of data obtained, such as:

  • The purity of the reagents
  • The cleanliness of the material in contact with the sample
  • The sample preparation method

With these factors in mind, Milestone has developed our Clean Chemistry line of products and accessories, aimed to reduce and control the analytical blank.

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