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Every member of the milesCARE team is a committed partner in your lab’s success—offering assurance that your Milestone equipment will remain reliable and trouble-free as long as you own it. We’ve included some resources below to help you both get your lab back up and running and to keep you informed and provide a safe environment to our employees and your lab.

Milestone’s Return to Work Support

Whether you have been working or are getting ready to return, we are here with the same great service and support.
Access our library of materials to help your lab or submit a form if you need immediate support from the milesCARE team.

Explore solutions for:

Microwave Digestion

Direct Mercury Analyzer


SRC Microwave Digestion System for sample prep
Rotor-based Microwave Digestion Systems for sample prep

Direct Mercury Analyzer
Microwave-assisted extraction


Tips & Techniques

Access your Tips & Techniques Guide View Now

FAQs Webinar

Access our FAQ webinar which addresses common operation question regarding your ultraWAVE Access On Demand


Intro to the new MAXI-24 HP High Performance Rotor

Learn how the new MAXI-24 HP is designed to process increased volumes of sample types and weights, thus providing increased throughput, high-quality data, and more profitable runs. Access On Demand

DMA-80 evo

Calibration Webinar

Review the operational procedures behind the calibration process Access On Demand

FAQs Webinar

Cover and learn the answers to the frequent applications questions about direct mercury analysis Access on Demand

Making DMA-80 Standards

How to make your DMA-80 Standards Learn More

ETHOS X - Green

FAQs Webinar

Learn some tips and techniques covering regular operation of your terpene extraction process and maintenance procedures for your instrument. Access On Demand