Principles of Operation

The PYRO-XL Microwave Ashing System consists of a stainless-steel chassis, a high quality stainless steel exhaust, and an external, stand-alone controller.

Located inside the cavity is a muffle furnace constructed using lightweight Al2O3.  Al2O3 is microwave transparent and its excellent insulating properties enable extreme temperatures to be maintained inside the furnace while still ensuring a comfortable working environment for the operator. Microwave energy produced by the magnetron is absorbed by a silicon carbide plate located in the roof of the muffle furnace. Heat is dispersed evenly from the top down ensuring an even heating of all crucibles. The PYRO can accommodate the operator’s crucible of choice. Porous, ceramic honeycomb frits are built into the wall and ceiling of the muffle furnace allowing a constant stream of air, generated by the PYRO's built-in exhaust fan, to pass over the crucibles.

A large diameter quartz tube is inserted through the microwave chassis’ roof to the roof of the internal muffle cavity – this essentially acts a second exhaust pathway. By using this path, the internal exhaust can be bypassed. The PYRO-XL’s EasyCONTROL software enables the operator to specify which path, exhaust fan or quartz tube, should be used during each step of the ashing program. Externally, the exhaust fan and quartz tube outlets and connected, so only a single laboratory exhaust is needed.


The ashing program is precisely monitored and controlled via EasyCONTROL. Using temperature feedback from within the furnace, EasyCONTROL regulates energy output to ensure that the operator’s desired temperature program is being followed.